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Why Do I Need A Home Inspection?

It's exciting to buy a home and it's also easy to miss a small crack in the foundation, a roof that needs to be replaced or some leaky pipes under the house.

Looks don't tell the whole story even though the homeowner may have worked hard to make it look that way. That's why you may need a home inspection comes.

Do sellers get home inspections?

For sellers, a home inspection is also a good idea prior to listing the home for sale. A pre-inspection can help you address issues ahead of time so there will be no surprises when serious buyers start inquiring. Knowing in advance means you'll be able to consider all your options – either making repairs before listing or pricing your home to account for anything you're not going to fix. It may be a good idea for the seller to do!

What happens at a home inspection?

A general home inspection will evaluate the house and other structures from top to bottom, inside and out, including but not limited to:


Electrical and plumbing systems, heating, water heater, air conditioning systems, doors, floors, ceilings, walls, electrical system, windows, foundation, septic system and ventilation issues

Garage, grading, driveways, porches, Roof, porches, grading, and plants or vegetation that may impact the home's condition

What a home inspection doesn't cover
There is no digging up the ground, lifting carpets, knocking out walls, etc

  • This is a big purchase for you.  Consider coming towards the end of the inspection to discuss major/minor concerns the inspector has.
  • Also consider that a home has tens of thousands of parts, pieces, nooks and crannies. An inspector will look at a representative sampling, but there's simply no way to check every single element.

Specialized Inspections –
When Do You Need One?

Some states and cities require additional inspections on top of a general inspection. Beyond that, you may just want a specialized inspection due to a special circumstance or particular concern you or your general inspector may have.

Examples of specialized inspections:

• Sewer inspection
• Chimney inspection
• Mold inspection
• Lead inspection
• Asbestos inspection
• Pest inspection
• Inspection of a special feature such as swimming pool or hot tub


If a home inspector tells you not to attend the inspection, find someone else. This is a classic red flag.

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