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Competitive pricing is essential. When you price your home too high, it stays on the market longer and increasing your expenses along the way.

Seller Mistake #1: Price is too HIGH!

“I can lower the price later if I don't get any showings or offers.”  That statement has cost home sellers millions of dollars every year.

You sure can lower your asking price, but that’s not a good approach.

Experience shows that sellers who list competitively from the start get a better price than sellers who list high and then continue to lower and lower the price.


When you price too high, buyers may think you are trying to hide something:

Most of the time they think... "Let's offer them far below what they’re asking and see if they bite.”

Pricing Strategies

A far smarter approach is to allow your agent to do a CMA (comparative market analysis) and then work together on setting the right price. You must avoid overpricing.

Two things when determining price mostly...

Similar homes, via a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA): Your agent will provide a professional analysis that goes into statistics about recent sales and current active listings similar to your home. Sold homes within the past six months are best.

Market conditions: Is it a seller's market or a buyer's market? It's important to research what's happening nationally and may not reflect your local market conditions. Your agent will be helpful here as well, afterall they are the REALTOR®.

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